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Raul Mendoza


A Self-starter who is not afraid of taking risk and responsibility. Raul Mendoza has worked in Media for over 15 Years. His career started off as an Audio Engineering For TV and Radio. He worked with one of El Paso’s Top Agency as a contractor to gain his first experience in the industry.  Raul has a strict work ethic and is very discipline.  Additionally, he is a voracious learner who spent most of his free time educating him self online while he attended college at Park University FT BLISS. He spent much of his time learning to code and working on web development along with video and graphic design projects. In 2012, He became the Marketing Coordinator for El Paso Based Automotive Accessory giant Alamo Auto Supply. At this time he also earned a BA in Business Admin and a second BA In Computer Information Systems. At Alamo Auto, Raul has developed and matured at his work and craft. In 2013 Raul received a Scholarship from SEMA (The Specialty Equipment Market Association) and was acknowledged and awarded scholarship funds for being one of the future leaders of the Automotive Industry. Raul has attended many marketing seminars around the US as has developed skills in SEO, Online Marketing and Online Ads.  In 2015 Raul created Monster Link Marketing LLC.  A Marketing Agency based in El Paso with a vision to Transform the way businesses grow and serve customers. Raul also partnered with Raul Hernandez (Owner of Ravisuals) to help launch and rollout a professional video service to businesses. Raul is constantly seeking resources to grow his skill set and is able to research and learn new skills with little or no direction. Drive, attitude and focus lie at the base of Raul’s journey and provide a whole new dimension to capabilities to reach customers while utilizing a variety of new media.

Learn More About Raul at his personal website:

www.raulmendoza.net and or at www.monsterlinkmarketing.com

Contact him at

915-861-4788 or at info@monsterlinkmarketing.com