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Raul Hernandez


Raul Hernandez was born and raised in El Paso, TX. It was during his High School senior year that he discovered his passion for cameras and filmmaking and not a day since he has let go. After graduating in 1999, Raul went on to work for CBS 4 as a photojournalist where he got to shoot spot news, sports events and live news. Simultaneously he began studying Media Production and Still Photography. His photojournalism skills then took Raul to work for Univision 26 and during his tenure there he covered all from college football and basketball live events to Dallas Cowboys Camps and MLB Spring Training Camps.After several years working in this field, Raul then decided to make his move to Hollywood and enrolled at the Los Angeles Film School where he majored with honors in Cinematography and Editing in May of 2006. With a new arsenal of skills he found his way to begin shooting music videos for local artists both in Los Angeles and El Paso; being bi-city has given Raul a wide spectrum of understanding different trends, and the ability to film on location outside of LA. Over the years, since graduating, he has grown into a strong, swift, and professional cinematographer working with a long and vast list of production companies and acclaimed directors, thus accumulating well over a hundred plus projects that range from commercials, music videos, TV shows, photoshoots, feature films and more. As well as being known amongst some of the biggest acts in music, who consistently choose to only work with him and his team, when it comes to important music video projects.

His skills have taken Raul to film not only in various cities within the USA, but abroad and overseas. Being fully bi-lingual in both English and Spanish has opened him numerous doors, such as being the gaffer for the 2009 feature film “Zona Sur” (Southern District) shot on location in Bolivia, a film that has gone to win several awards in Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, and Tokyo. He has been featured in American Cinematographer alongside Paul De Lumen, recognizing him for his craft and accomplishments in the filmmaking world. It was in the late 2009 that Raul worked with Paul on the MTV Original Movie feature “Savage County” as a gaffer. Having now a vast network of professionals and resources, Raul has naturally ventured to work as a director and producer – something he is also truly passionate about. A strategic move was teaming up with the founding members of http://zynderia.com/home/ a Los Angeles based production company and studios, to form a strong and creative alliance gearing to develop content and projects that will surely make a mark in the entertainment business and further Raul’s career. With several projects in the pipeline, there is much more to come from this creative force in the near future – stay tuned.